What furnishings and housewares are provided?

Generally, we provide housing that is complete with furnishings and basic housewares. This may involve AurHomes® renting and moving furnishings into the living space, if not already available in the unit. Your Aureus Medical account manager can provide you with a detailed list of all that is included so you can pack for your assignment accordingly. Please keep in mind that the location of your assignment may impact the types of accommodations available in the immediate area. AurHomes looks for all options in order to ensure you're comfortable while on assignment.

Are utilities my responsibility?

Your housing package includes electricity, gas, and water – start, stop, and monthly payment. Cable and internet are provided based on your individual contract with your facility. Be sure to talk with your Aureus Medical account manager so you know if these items will be covered or if they will be your responsibility.

Does my contract cover hotel incidentals?

Hotel incidentals are your responsibility.

What should I do with a utility bill and correspondence I received from my landlord?

All bills (those that are covered in your contract) and correspondence from the housing complex / landlord should be forwarded to your Aureus Medical account manager.

Can I travel with my pet?

We know many of our travelers enjoy experiencing assignments with their pets. If you're considering traveling with your pet, please contact your account manager as soon as possible due to guidelines and unique requirements regarding housing. Additional expenses may also be incurred, such as a pet deposit, which you will be responsible for.

May I bring family members on my assignment?

Of course you can. Be sure to talk with your account manager as soon as possible so we can ensure we secure housing appropriate to your needs. You will be responsible for the cost difference incurred due to upgrades in accommodations (ex. upgrade from a one-bedroom to a two-bedroom).

Who should I contact if something is broken or malfunctioning in my housing unit?

To ensure a timely response, please contact the housing complex/landlord or maintenance department directly to submit a service request.

I received a request to fill out an application for my housing. Why is this necessary?

Some communities and states require a housing application be completed. If so, your account manager will contact you with the request and instructions.

Do I need Renter's Insurance?

We highly recommend you purchase Renter's Insurance in order to cover and protect your personal belongings.

My arrival time has changed. Who should I contact to advise of this change?

If your travel logistics have changed and you will be arriving earlier or later than you originally planned, contact your account manager. Your account manager will then contact AurHomes in case any adjustments need to be made with the housing complex.

Why should I use AurHomes for my housing arrangements versus finding my own?

As the dedicated housing division of Aureus Medical, AurHomes is experienced in securing and arranging housing in locations nationwide, from urban areas and rural communities to remote destinations. Our team of housing coordinators is specialized by geographic area and has relationships with housing complexes and management companies across the country. We also know the questions to ask and the process involved in arranging for quality and comfortable accommodations to enhance your experience while you're on assignment. Because of our relationship with Aureus, your housing coordinator maintains continual communication with your account manager, which makes for a fluid and smooth process. We step in if there's a concern or an issue with your apartment. And we take care of paying your rent, utilities, and other details to alleviate these from your to-do list and keep your up-front costs to a minimum. AurHomes® has more than 15 years of success in corporate and temporary housing and as a team we are 120 years of experience strong.

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